Our Mission

The Gratitude Foundation exists to create and promote new ways to improve the lives of people and their animals everywhere. Through the funding and creation of programs and partnerships, we support innovative community efforts to break the cycle of millions of rescue and shelter surrenders each year. It is the organization’s goal to recognize and maximize the human potential in those affected by poverty, despair, heartbreak and addiction by offering assistance in establishing programs that provide education, support, money, counseling and job training programs. The Foundation started its work through the localized efforts of Karma Dog Training Inc. and its founder/owner (Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz). The Foundation quickly expanded its work to have a national presence in it’s commitment to develop role models on the individual level, corporate and community level by developing and promoting innovative and outside the box solutions to rebuilding pride in one’s self and one’s life – one soul, human or animal, at a time. This site will be updated as we continue to innovate, educate, inspire and make a difference in the world… and we ask you to join us in improving lives all across the world.